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Carbide 400R + 280X Toxic


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Hey guys , planning to get a Sapphire R9-280X Toxic or maybe a 290 Tri-X they had the same cooler , it's super long....


So on specs usually they state the card is around 308mm long , but they never specifically state it's the PCB / the Cooler , because the Cooler is the longest part not the PCB.


What I seen on one of the forums , one of Sapphire Tech guy I guess or someone working for Sapphire ? He too said it's 308mm , but he said it's best to have 312mm just to be safe.


So I was wondering is my Corsair Carbide 400R able to fit this beast inside my case ?? I measured with a measuring tape , It's good till around 12.5 "

But that's already be touching the HDD cage section.


From video reviews some said the card is about 12 " long


What your opinion guys :confused:

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