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1500 V2 Buzzing/Whining noise


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My brand new 1500's seem to have a problem a lot of other people on here are facing, whenever I go into windows recording tab or any other program that uses my mic I get a horrible whining/buzz coming from the headset.


I have tried all the solutions I could see including plugging in other USB ports, other computers(And a laptop which was not plugged into the wall), reinstalling the drivers, even going to the extreme of totally reformatting my pc that still to my disappointment this issue is still here:/


Does anyone know any way to solve this issue? Or should I just go through with a replacement of another headset? As honestly didn't expect this from Corsair or a £90 headset.

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Contact your seller and ask if they can replace the headset for you. If not, request an RMA to replace it.

Honestly not sure what to think about this. I have requested a RMA with my reseller but doubt this will solve the issue. I have spent maybe the last 4 hours seeing forums of people getting a replacement and the problem still being there:(


Hope this can be fixed as I honestly love the sound off this headset, just the whining noise is unbearable.

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