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AIR 540 - Fan "Cluking" noise when running at Idle (300RMP)


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Just received and built Air540 as none-gaming PC.


When case fans (x3) run at idle (roughly 300RPM), they make a "clunking" noise.

- The fans are screw-on tightly

- When stopping fans from turning with my finger, "clunking" noise is still there

- The only way to stop the noise is to unplug the fans


Opened a ticket to have fans replace but I wonder if new fans will make the same noise at idle


Has anyone notice this issue?




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I tried to do a search to find the minimum RPM that the fans will operate at properly, but I'm strapped for time this morning.


I do not believe that the fans are designed to run at that low an RPM, but the Corsair gurus will have to chime in.


At what minimum speed do they run without the clunking?



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My motherboard is not recent and does not have the option to manually override the fan speeds. I'm waiting for the Corsair Link to do so. Although, I'm running Win8.1 and Corsair Link firmware & software don't seem to be ready at this point.

When I'm in the Bios, the fans ramp-up to 720 RPM, I still hear the "clunking" noise :(

I have a basic 120mm fan, hooked up to my PCU heat-sink running at 600rpm at idle that does not make any noise.

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