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Corsair vengeance 2000 : drivers buggy?


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Got a pair of these for Christmas. Installed the driver software from the Corsair website (2.0.17).


immense amount of problems with system hanging / freezing whenever should play a sound. Couldn't get it working at first until I disabled every other sound device (Philips camera mike, onboard sound) in the system; even then if I leave the dongle in when I power up the system it crashes / hangs immediately I play any sound. If I place the dongle in an USB slot after powering up and logging into windows, there's a half-decent chance it'll work ok ... although crashes/hangs can still occur unpredictably.


once the system has hung, only solution is to reboot.


no connection problems between the dongle and the headset: I think this is a dongle driver issue.


If a crash occurs, can't access corsair headset software or even sound submenu in control panel - both of these programs use sound and they hang/ crash.


Can see a few similar threads on this forum, nothing identical and no solutions. I'm going to have to conclude the drivers are buggy / conflict with my system and RMA the headset at this rate ... which would be a shame: when it works the sound is excellent.

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Good afternoon and Merry Xmas to you.


I just received this headset as I needed to buy a new one and haven't seen these issues yet.


Can I ask what OS you are using? If you're using Windows 8.1 (Like myself, Edit: Or, I could look at your specs which state you're using Win 7, still, the following may still help!) try the following link as there's a new BETA driver for this headset http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=123945


Even if you are not using 8.1 it may be worth a go.

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