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Extreme X256 Drive Dead?


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I've been using my X256 SSD in my iMac for a year or two. About a year ago it started showing issues, but I didn't realize it was related to the hard drive until now.


When the iMac goes to sleep and I wake it back up the OS would freeze and I would have to reset the computer. Then after a reboot it would usually not boot up and I would need to reset it a few times to get it to boot. Then it would be fine.


Fast forward to this week, the computer would randomly freeze. I would have to reboot a number of times and it might work to 5-10 minutes before it would lockup again.


Booting into recovery on the mac shows the drive in the Disk Utils for about 5 minutes, then it would disappear. I was never able to copy my data off before it went totally dead.


So, I removed the drive today to put it into my windows machine and try to update the firmware. On the PC it is not detected by the BIOS at all.


After searching google and this forum I see a lot of others are having issues with this drive. So many people I would consider this model to be defective entirely.


Is their anything I can try? I cannot afford a new hard drive right now.

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