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H80i temps and noise


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I just installed a H80i on my i5-4670K @stock in my Node 304 case. When I run Prime95 with small FFTs I get load temps of 65-66C with the fans at 1100RPM. Is this normal? I didn't get a chance to test with the stock cooler so I don't have any temps to reference with. Also the coolant temperature is only 39-40C. Is that indicative of poor thermal contact between the CPU and waterblock? It was really hard to tighten the standoff screws into the backplate and I couldn't get all the threads to go into the backplate so it was loose. I also had to install the H80i horizontally like this:

http://cdn.overclock.net/c/c0/500x1000px-LL-c0abb054_2013-02-0316.29.20.jpeg (image just for reference, that's not my PC)

is that okay?


Also noise wise there is a grinding sound when the fans go above 750RPM. Is this normal? And when I unplug my fans there is still a buzzing noise which I assume is the pump. Is it supposed to be this loud?

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So is H80i supposed to be completely silent? What is the normal noise level supposed to be? I'm not sure if I'm being overly picky because my last PC was completely silent.


no,it is not fully silent,you will notice a low humming sound that isnt all that loud

noise is very subjective so its hard to say whats too loud for you or another...

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