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Vengeance 2100 noise when charging?


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Hey everyone,

I just recieved my vengenace 2100 headset today. But i'm having some problems with it.


When the headset is charging and i'm trying to use the mic it generates alot of noise, people can't really hear me. I can also hear a small noise inside the headset itself when the mic is down and in use.


If the headset is not charging everything works well. Is this suppose to happen?

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Copied from another forum where I tried to reach u guys: (http://www.sweclockers.com/forum/127-corsair/1266008-vengeance-2100-buzzing-while-charging/#post14235222)


Hi Corsair,


In Christmas present I got a pair of Vengeance 2100. These were buzzing when I was charging them. I tested them on other computers to see that it wasn't just an issue with my computer. The buzzing was still there. I went to the store and got a new pair but these acts the same way.


The buzzing occurs only while charging and with the microphone stick down. If I put it up back on mute the buzzing disappears.


This is a huge problem because it's not only heard by me but people im talkign with aswelll.


Edit: A few interesting stuff about the problem. When I touch the end of the micaxis the sound gets MUCH higher. If I take out my laptops charger from the computer and touch the metal on the now not connected to computer charger the sound stops or goes super low (and disappears if I touch the mic where the sound got really high if the charger is connected to the computer). The charger is still plugged in to the electricity but just not the computer. Any ideas?

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