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AX860 basic first time panic


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I apologies for the post, Im almost sure I have this clear by checking in the forum, but its the first time I have used a modular PSU and I have a little bit of noob panic. :roll:


So..... (Asus Maximus VI Formula motherboard).


The 24-pin cable splits into two at the psu and both need to be plugged in? Im sure yes, but you know what its like.


The 8 pin connector for the cpu, is the cable labelled CPU and split into two 4's. This would go into any of the 6+2 PCI & 4+4 CPU sockets on the PSU?


Finally. I have the original cables and intend to mix with a couple of white braided cables. What is the best way to straighten out the cables? At the moment the cables are all over the place and are bent from storage.


Is there an easy way to straighten and make the cable neater?


Thanks for your help.

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