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Pinout different on sleeved cable set


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I have a ax1200i, cp-9020008-na, I also have the sleeved cable set, cp-8920045. The cable set is the type 3.


I'm installing the molex cable and see the pinout is different between the two cable sets. The cable that came with the psu is marked TXM/HX/AXi, the sleeved set is marked Type3. The psu supplied cable has 2 wires in each row of 3. The sleeved set has 3 wire and 1 wire. I'm not finding any pinout info online so I'm not going any further until I get this straightened out.


Ram Guy, can you clarify this for me?




ETA: I found the pinout and the cables are interchangeable. The difference is the pin it gets 5volts from. The psu has two 5v pins and the sleeved cable uses a different 5v pin vs the psu supplied cable.

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