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Hx1050 problem


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Hi ever since installing my hx1050 about a year or so ago my pc double posts with Asus q-code d0 and is unable to wake from sleep properly also, I,ve always thought it was my overclock but after finally getting fedup with this double posting I decided to investigate my self.

I bought myself a Evga super nova 1500 and ever since installing it my pc no longer has problems waking from sleep and the double posts are gone. Also I have and extension cable on the 8pin mobo power cable. Is my psu faulty or is it just not compatible with my setup?


Psu model: cmpsu-hx1050


Setup: i7 2600k @4.8ghz, Asus p8z68 deluxe bios 3603, 16gig Corsair vengance 1866mhz, Corsair h110, Evga gtx580, Kingston hyper x ssd, OCZ agility 4, Creative soundblaster z, bluray drive and dvdrw.

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