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K95 keycap texture question


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If you want something doing, do it yourself! :mad:


Well I took a risk based on images from Google and Youtube and hoped that the K95 keycaps would have a better quality finish than the K90...


Sure enough the difference is massive and represents a huge improvement. The K95 keycaps have a much higher quality, professional level finish. The effect is like satin paint, as opposed to gloss or mat...or ghastly cheap chalk primer paint as used on the K90's caps!


Being a former K90 owner, the K95 really is a step-change improvement. Everything feels better. The switches feel smoother and sound quieter. My favoured switch is MX Blue, but these MX Reds are the nicest I've used. I was forced to change from Blues because I'm now using the PC in the Lounge area, so the noise became a factor, but no regrets with Reds as nice as these!


I much prefer the K95's black design over the K90's silver, and I love the white backlight. The only issue I have is that even on the lowest light brightness, I think it's a fraction too bright. A firmware tweak to lower this by 5 or 10% would be very welcome.


I liked a lot about the K90 (apart from the keycaps, and I sort of got used to those), but the K95 is much better. It's a lovely keyboard in fact. It's up there with my Filco and that's saying something.


Oh, and what happened to the K90? It died on its rear-end 6 months after I bought it. Let's hope that the improvements evident in the K95 extend beneath the surface then...:roll:


This gets a massive gold star Corsair. Very impressive.

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