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How do I remove an Overprovision?


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I have a Corsair Neutron GTX 240GB.


Last night, I was looking at my drive with Corsair's SSD toolbox. Under the Overprovision tab, it said 0 GB were allocated. At the time, it was my understanding that Corsair factory overprovisions their drives. So why would it show 0 GB? Anyhow, I created a 17 GB overprovision (7%) and called it a night.


Today, after doing some research, I discovered a couple things. 1) My Neutron GTX is actually 256GB, not 240. The reason why it's labeled as 240 is because 16GB is overprovisioned internally at the "firmware level". 2) Windows cannot recognize, or "see" this 16GB "firmware level" overprovision.


So with that said, the overprovision I made last night was pointless and I want my 17GB of drive space back. So my question is simply, how do I remove the overprovision I made?


And a follow-up question of less importance would be could I have "messed up" anything in Windows by making this overprovision, and in turn removing it?

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