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K70 Keyboard LED on the mechanical keys dead(?)


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I've had this keyboard for a month of two now, has been working perfectly until I restored my computer, bought a new HDD to install my OS in.


Took me a few tries installing the OS had my Keyboard and Mouse plugged in USB 3.0 (They'd only work on 2.0 during set up) When I plugged in my K70 on the 2.0, the backlight wasn't working on any of the mechanical keys, but they still lit up on the multimedia keys and the top 3 keys(Lighting mode/Brightness/Windows Lock)


The mute button was still lit up but it doesn't work, nor does the volume scroll.

Does anyone know how to fix this? The keyboard works fine, typing and all

I even tried plugging it in to other computers thinking it might have been something to do with my computer, but still didn't light up.


I have the K70 Cherry MX Red switches.

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