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Fan Mounting Screws - H100i Specs?


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I had to mount my fans outside the case on my 400R because of the heatsinks on my motherboard. So, the screws that normally just go through the fans into the radiator now are also the mounting screws for the radiator (the top of the case is now in between the fans and radiator). The stock screws would be fine if I did not need to attach filters to the fans that draw outside air in. But that last thickness of the filter housing is just too much. I believe they are 3mm in diameter, but I don't know the thread pitch. They are close to #6 machine screw, but I'd rather not take a tap to my radiator.


Does anyone know exactly what the OEM fan mounting screw dimensions are?





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Those filters do appear thick. Unless the filter already has recessed screw holes. I would suggest using a larger sized drill bit and drill into the filter screw holes(but not all the way through) to decease the thickness. The finished product would cause the screw heads to be recessed in the filter screw holes.

Example: http://www.skylighter.com/images/how_to/arbor-press/holes-drilled.jpg

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