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Vengeance 1500 VS HS1


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I had bought an HS1 some time ago and was very happy with it until the MIC died a week ago. Just got the Vengeance 1500 and I must say that they don't sound as good as the HS1.


The sound from the Vengeance 1500 sounds muted or muffled compared to the HS1. Its almost sounds like wearing head phones that are powered off and listening to what is going on around you (best explanation that I can give). Its not a volume issue, its more clarity or sharpness of the sounds.


I have installed and uninstalled the driver and gone back and forth with the HS1 and the Vengeance 1500 headsets and it is quite noticeable.


Anyone have any input or is this what I should expect from them. Perhaps this pair is defective and I should look into returning them for a new pair?

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Does anyone know if there is actually a difference between the HS1 or the Vengeance 1500 v2 in sound quality? I've read elsewhere that they use the same driver and the differences are the design and a better mic. I have a pair of HS1's and the volume button simply broke one day. Pressing it does nothing. So I now have a pair of the 1500 v2, but I don't want to keep it if there is no difference. I can still control the sound through Windows if I have to.
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