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Carbide 200r and 300r front panel module upgrade


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In few days, I would like to buy one of Corsair cases. I like very much carbide 200r and 300r for their design and quality. The only thing, which still bothers me, is quite often reported problem with front usb ports and front audio or mic jacks. It was about a 12 months from first bug reports,so there was some time to recognize the problem and geting it solved. Please let me know if currently available batch of this cases on stock has modified and improved front panel module? Does usb and front audio ports work now properly out of the box? I do not want to have problems with unrecognized usb 3.0 devices, low usb 3.0 transfer speeds or problems with front audio jacks (reverse wiring) because as i red some topics, even spare modules sent by support, often do not fully solve problems, and I do not want to be dissapointed after buing superior corsair product.


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