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RMA 6326894 Questions


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Created an RMA for a memory module, 2 questions.


1. The module is part of a set obviously. Memtest86+ 5.01 only returned errors on 1 of the modules. Do I need to ship both back to Corsair?


2. I'm stationed overseas with United States Air Force. The address on my RMA label is obviously wrong because Corsair doesn't let you put in a military address when you register on their RMA site. So I need the address changed to my overseas address so I can get my working memory module back.

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1) Yes, send back both modules. This way you get a matched set in return.


2)You'll need to contact CS by phone or log back into your support ticket and leave a comment that you need to update some information. Is your other address a PO box by any chance?


I can tell you this time of year Corsair is awful busy. So it may take them a bit longer than usual to respond. Calling in would be much faster if you have the ability to do so.

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