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Got my 1500 headset, doesn't seem to work as intended?


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I've never had a 5.1 or 7.1 headset before but I'm pretty sure that my 1500 headset is not any different from my phone ear plugs right now.


I've installed v 2.0.19 drivers played around with it for a bit and I just don't feel any surround sound coming from the 1500.


How can I make sure if it's working? Is there a sound file or a video file to test 7.1 sound?

All 7.1 Youtube videos seem to only activate the left and right speakers so that's not helping....


I'm just not sure if I was expecting too much or is my headset not setup properly.


Using window 8.1 btw.

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Does Battlefield 4 support 7.1? When i set it to headphones-surround left and right virtual speakers don't seem to work.


5.1 seems to sound far better with movies and games.

Also I don't hear any strong bass at all is that normal for virtual surround sound?


Strange thing I found is that when I go into corsair headset control panel and turn off that blue button on the left so that I get


Source Type - 5.1 Surround

Now Playing - 2.0 Stereo


left and right speakers are constantly switching and I get far better surround feeling than with virtual surround sound button on.


Kinda disappointed now that I didn't buy a simple 2.0 stereo headset since this headset sounds the best in 2.0 stereo mode.

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