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350D Case Open Error


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I'm getting a Case Open Error just after building my new PC in a 350D case (which I'm loving). I put the dust filter on the front and then the solid panel cover, pushed it into place like a press-click fitting (it seems solidly in place and to release I just pushclick it and it pops out). Any idea on what might be causing the issue? I'll wipe the error in the BIOS (not sure where to look) but want to be sure I'm not missing something.


Also, I think the vents on the top of the case are a bit big and am worried about something falling in, so I'd like to put a simple mesh on top. If I put something that's relatively loose mesh and won't limit airflow, would that be ok and not disrupt anything? The case is under a desk out of sight, so simply taping this on would be what I'm thinking rather than forking our $40 for one of the official mesh covers.

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