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Problems with build CX600/C70/Vengence memory

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I'm putting together an entry level gaming system for my son, and have run into some problems I'm having trouble debugging.


The system currently turns on for a half a second, all fans start to spin up, and then immediately turns off. The green power standby indicator on the MB is lit, and I have gone through one by one and disconnected every peripheral to see it it was causing problems.


I also reversed the power and reset jumpers to the MB to see it that was an issue. I'd like to determine if this is a power supply issue, a problem with the switch on the case, or something else.


The system doesn't stay on long enough to post or give beep indicators that somethings is wrong, so I'm guessing power supply or case switch.


I just need advice on diagnosing what part isn't working. Everything was purchased from Amazon and I received and assembled it today, and they are pretty good about returns.


Could I simply jumper the two power switch pins to determine if it is the switch or PS? This is momentary contact, correct? Are there any ways i can test the PS without connection to the motherboard?


BTW, the C70 case is both a work of art and a feat of engineering. By far the nicest case I've ever used in a build.

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