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Workaround for Bass issues on 1500s and Windows 8.1


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I have a fix for the bass issue, confirmed as working on Windows 8.1


After a lot of perseverence, trial and error, I can fix the bass issue. But it's not without compromises. A fair few.


Download the 1.1 driver (http://www.corsair.com/gaming-audio-series-hs1-usb-gaming-headset.html#tab8)

Don't install it, as you won't be able to.

Extract it with something like winrar.

Show hidden files and folders in windows

Go into: v1500driver_1-1_1 \USB112-110929-8.2150(W7-ER)WHQL\SoftwareDriver\Driver

copy the path.


Go into device manager and find your corsair headset.

Update the driver.

Manual selection

Browse for driver

Enter the above copied path

Choose Corsair headset.

Restart (Yes, you must).


Automagically, the windows Bass options are now restored and you can choose all the things that you previously couldn't. Brings back the bass that was missing from the new drivers.





This does however cause the Corsair software to stop working. You'll find you can't launch it, and when it is in your systray, it won't maximise. This is normal.


However, by pressing configure (as seen in the screenshot above), you can set the headset to 5.1 or 7.1 through windows.

Basically, the way I see it, the corsair software stops the underlying windows features from working properly, and you can't even manually configure an profile with the frequency ranges as before so it sucks ***.


At least there is a workaround as above.



P.S. for all of you classics out there, this also removes the bloody annoying red/blue flashing mute crap they introduced. It is now back to the classic Red for mute.





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