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H100i LED issue


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I've read about the incompatibility issues this cooler has with the 8.1 Windows, so I thought that was the cause of it and let it be, but now that I downgraded to Window 7 my issue persist.


I can change the LED colors just fine and all three of the LEDs seem to be working correctly, but every time that I shut down the PC, the color pallet resets to some random pale color and I have to manually set all of the LEDs to 0 and back to 100% to wake them up, like they were idle.


Is this something that is considered normal?


I flashed the h100i about 3 weeks ago, with the latest version as well.

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Bumping this one again :)

I upgraded to 1.07 as well, but I don't recall if it worked correctly before the upgrade or not, because Windows 8 wouldn't recognize it without the tweaking anyway.

I think this could be easily solved, if the CorsairLink "flashed" the LEDs after each shutdown to wake the LEDs up, right now I'm kinda just sitting here with a pale-grayish-green color, because I can't be arsed to manually reset them after each shutdown, everyday.

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