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500R front panel issue


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Hi guys,

i recently purchased the 500r cabinet and thought of cleaning out the front panel filter/mesh,


So i pulled out the front panel very very carefully and it came out fine without anything getting bent or broken.


But when i put it back , there was a gap between the front panel and the body towards the top of the cabinet around the power button , fan controller etc area.


I am attaching a few pics with this post, i may be overreacting but i really wanna know if its ok or if there is a way to fix it :\







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Anybody ? :(

Update :


There are 3 pair of latches on the front panel, one on top, mid and bottom each, thing is when i insert the top pair everything is fine, then i move on to the mid pair even then everything is fine, but as son as i am done with the 3rd bottom pair the top ones start gaping a lil bit as shown in the pics, so is it possible that the above latches have been loosened while removal, if yes, then what is the remedy.


I will admit it is not causing me much issue other than that its sticking out a bit everytime i see it and a lil dust might enter through that area :\

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