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Noob Question for Overclocker !|!


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Hi ! Here is my system:


Win 7 Ultimate 64 Bit

Asus Sabertooth X79 (Bios 4302)

Intel Core i7 3930K Sandy Bridge E

Corsair H90 Hydro

16 Gig Quad Channel Memory Vengeance Gold (CMZ16GX3M4X1600C9)

EVGA Nvidia GeForce GTX 580


So what is the best...

Set up one:


Core Speed 4170 MHz

Multiplier x33

Bus Speed 126.4 MHz

DRAM 674.0 MHZ XMP Diseable


Or Set up two:


Core Speed 3800 MHz

Multiplier x38

Bus Speed 100.0 MHz

DRAM 800.0 MHz XMP Enable



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Thats not what he's asking wytnyt.


which is better? In your first group of settings your basically trading a little bit of CPU OC for memory speed. Your always going to get a better return on performance with a higher CPU OC vs a higher memory OC.


However, both of your setting groups would be such a small OC I doubt you would see very much in the way of a "performance gain" at all.


1600mhz is natively supported by your CPU so your not getting any gain at all as far as memory goes.


And in the first group your actually sacrificing performance by running the memory at 1333mhz. More or less negating any gain you would get from the higher CPU clock.

If i had to pick i would run the second set.

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Well, if your 3930K can do 33x126 then in most cases it should also do 41x100 or even 42x100 at the same voltage. While the higher BCLK has its own advantages, it would be a shame to downclock the memory for it. Maybe you can get the memory stable at DDR3-1680 (667x1.264). It is only a very minor memory overclock, so it is worth a try. Other than that is not that hard to compare the performance of those settings by yourself, using synthetic and/or game benchmarks.
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Thank for all ur reply.


Since one year, i run this system at 3800 MHz (3930k cpu) with memory at 1600 Quad channel with XMP enable. No problem so far.


Recently i have upgraded my motherboard BIOS (dont know why, for fun i suppose) and now i have a brand new BIOS with different option. One of them is 'Best Performance Settings' and it puts my RAM XMP Diseable ( at 1333 MHz) and cpu at 4170 MHz. I dont see any difference and i really dont know what to think about it. I dont plan to beat any benchmark, just want to know what, you guys, think about it. I am not an overclocker.


Main Interogation : XMP enable (ram at 1600) or not (ram at 1333) ???


Sorry for my bad english. Thx all of you.


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