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Compatability with Intel D845PT


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Hi, I requested a compatability report for this motherboard, but I don't really know how long it'll take for a full report to be made for this or if it's even necessary, I just basically need to know what type of RAM to buy for my system. It's pretty old, and this motherboard is no longer manufactured, so I don't really have anywhere to read information on what works best with this.


URL for basic info on the Intel D845PT:




I'm using a 1.6 GHz Pentium 4 with the Intel D845PT. I need more memory for a lot of applications because I only have 256 MB of DDR266. I'm aiming towards being able to play HL2 (I upgraded my video card to an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro), or to at least use something like Roxio 6 without lagging.


This computer was given to all freshman students at NJIT for the 2002 Fall Semester, I haven't changed it since because of financial reasons. I won't be using this computer much longer, only until I can afford a new one within the next 6 months. Once I do put together a new system, this computer will be handed down to my Mother and Sister for basic internet use, not really anything that demanding.


If you could give me any advice on what type of RAM would best suit me for my needs with this current system, it would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for reading, and sorry if I've wasted anybody's time :[pouts:



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I would suggest you wait till you get a new system and or MB and then get new memory. If you do get memory for this system, you would have to get memory that may not work in a newer system. The part# I would suggest is VS512MB266 with this MB.
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