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H80i - Pump problem


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Hi :)


Hi, I have just built my first PC, but I'm having a problem with my H80i.


When I boot I get a list of my devices, and at the bottom: "CPU FAN ERROR"... Of course, my first build could not go smoothly :[pouts:


Everything is connected and has power. The radiator is set up, the cooling block mounted on and both fans connected to the cooling block via the "fan-splitter". Sata-power is also connected to the cooling block.


In addition, the small fan header which branches off from the sata power cable. This has only one wire connected to it, and the manual says it's a "3 pin pump RPM wire". According to the manual shall be connected to CPU_FAN on the motherboard (Maximus VI Hero), but now I have tried both CPU_FAN and CPU_OPT and get the same error on both :S


Aditional info:


I've not managed to install any OS yet, because every time i boot the CPU temperature reaches 85+ Celsius in BIOS after only a couple of minutes. So then I turn it off in fear of destroying the CPU. When I let the CPU reach really high temps such as 80C and beyond one of the water tubes becomes quite hot compared to the other.


The led light on the cooling block lights up, but is only blinking red (if that tells you anything).


I would guess the problem to be linked to the pump. I do belive so because I'm not hearing any sound from it, even doe the fans runs just fine.


Is this a "RMA" or is there something else I could do?


I first ordered a H100i, but it had a leak. So now I'm starting to get quite frustrated with Corsair.

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