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F60 problems


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I just bought a Corsair F60 SSD, and I have a problem.


Sometimes when I restart the PC, BIOS won't see my SSD.


My SSD's firmware is 1.1 (with Toolbox 1.1).


If I update the firmware, will the problem end? Also, which firmware should I update to, if needed?


Thank you!

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I have the same problem.


Asrock Z87 Extreme4 Mainboard.


I use a Force F60 as a system drive and it is randomly not detected.

Sometimes it works from a cold boot sometimes it does not, rebooting usually never works at first try. When i reboot the system via reset button the SSD is usually detectet again and i can boot.


Latest firmware on the Force (2.4 i think) and latest UEFI on the Asrock.


But i suspect my force is faulty...


Hibernation wakeup always crashes and awfully often the startup repair pops up and i cant boot.

"Startup repair cannot fix this problem." and after a few tries of booting normally it usually works.

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Yeah i just read that like 10 seconds after posting.


I was in the process of moving my windows to another drive anyway in case the F60 is faulty.


Works like a charm on a Samsung 840.

F60 is going into my netbook.



But honestly i feel screwed.

"Coincidentally" intel starts to comply more stricly to the sata specs when 99% of the sandforce 12xx/15xx are no more in their 3 year warranty limit.


My personal opinion is that sandforce knowingly disregarded sata specs and therefore designed an imcompatible product.

Just because it took a lot of time for people to find out is no reason for them to not be liable for their mistake.


I do not know what the legal situation is but from a legal laymans view it sounds like fraud.

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