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Vengeance K70 Keyboard problem with W Key.


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I bought a Vengeance K70 today from newegg and it looks amazing and all the keys seem to be good besides the W Key. I play games which require my fingers to constantly hover the W key and it's pressing for itself pretty much. I click every key once and it will type it once but with w I hit it and it posts w like 3 times and if my finger is hovering over it and (example my fingers are on QWE and I press E, W will somehow be pressed.


Is there anything I can do? I want to call the support but it's not open until Monday if there's anything I can do now I'd appreciate any help.

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When you press w, w will come out three times?

If yes,

Have you tried a different BIOS switch at the front of the computer?

Does the issue occur when the keyboard is plugged into a different computer?


Cherry MX RED switches require little force to activate the switch. So it will take some time getting use to it.

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