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M60 and M40 Should have a baby.


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First off big Corsair fan. Got a bunch of your stuff.


So I've been using the Corsair M60 for a while now and recently i bought my friend a M40 as his mouse broke. So now that my M60 is getting a bit old (still working perfectly) I cant help thinking i like the M40 so much more. The red lights would really go with my rig and my K70. The only problem for me is the sniper button. I use this button for jump in game and when ever i use a mouse without this button i find myself looking to press it. So my question is. Do Corsair have any plans to bring out a M70 mouse. ie with the M-series body the sniper button from the M60/M65 and the red led lights and logo of the M40? also black aluminum for the lower body and sticky rubber for the sides would be a nice touch.


Looking forward to any replys.

Cheers RonnDing

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