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K70 issues / dead within the first 30 minutes


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Received the Corsair K70 today, and thought I'd have a play with it tonight. Within about 30 minutes the keyboard stopped working.


Windows makes the connect / disconnect hardware noise constantly, and the LED / Num Lock / Media keys flash constantly. I cannot type or do anything with the keyboard.


I've tried to RMA or send a question to Corsair but the keyboard model isn't listed on their site (CH-9000050-UK) and it won't let me continue without selecting a model from the list.


Sometimes when connecting it, I'll be able to type. If I then try and press the LED button, nothing happens and it normally dies.


Waiting for the live chat to go live...


Any ideas until then?

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Yes, I've tried flicking it to 1, 2, 3 and 4 and plugging it in. No change.


Going to get a replacement from Amazon, but a bit worried about the quality control to be honest... it's a premium product and I've invested in other expensive Corsair products before.

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