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would asrock fm2+ itx and H60 be a problem?


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I would like to know if installing the H60 on this motherboard

Asrock FM2A88X-ITX+

would be a problem considering the base for mounting the

heat sink would be perpendicular to the radiator instead of being

parallel (horizontal) as all AMD mobos I have seen. For example

with my case the hoses on the radiator are well spread but for this

mobo the hoses would sort of compress and I don't know if the

hoses would be long enough so they can go on top position. ANy ideas?

I have attach a photo of my comp. and one of the mobo.



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Not sure exactly what you mean, but you can always turn the pump around.


yep but there are only 2 options on the asrock compare to my mobo.

90 degrees clockwise which I think could maybe sort of block the hoses

and 90 degrees counter clockwise which I don't know if the hoses would

be long enough. There is another mobo which has the identical position

as my actual one, I would just prefer the asrock.

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