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Counterfeit SSD purchased on ebay ?


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I am new to this forum so please go easy on me.

Basically I joined this forum as I need some advice, my wife has purchased for me recently these so called Corsair SSD from ebay and I suspect these as being counterfeit items so I was wanting to know opinions on this.

Firstly I do not have enough knowledge of Corsair SSD but I have ran benchmark tests and have compared these drives to what ever information I can find on the net.

There are many reason why I am thinking these are counterfeit items so I will list them

1) the benchmarks on them are so low compared to the spec sheets

2) the hologram stickers seem to be tampered with and looks very faint

3) 1 of these drives have been detected as being ADATA

4) I have looked on the offical Corsair website and the minimum storage space and color for the Force GS models are 128gb and all these drives are red

5) stored data on these drives either disappear or gets corrupted and I get error messages


as you can see from this list I am having a bad feeling about them, I have contacted paypal and even filed a dispute but they are so unwilling to help and asked me to take these drives to a 3rd party computer store and asked the them to make notes on a letterhead so I can use this for evidence to help recover the costs I paid for these drives but it seems all the computer stores are again unwilling to help. I have also made a ticket on Corsair website but still yet to hear from them. So I am hoping some of you tech guys can share some knowledge and point me in the right direction.


I have enclosed some photos of these drives in attachments.


Kindest regards






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One of our tech support reps should have just replied to your ticket.


In short though, items purchased on eBay aren't covered by our warranty since it's non transferable. The ADATA one's probably a fake because it's double the size of the part numbers on your ticket, and we didn't release FW 5.02a.

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Download the Corsair SSD Toolbox, linked on the right. Show us a screenshot of each drive using the Toolbox.


Also, keep in mind that you have an older MOBO in your signature (P7P55 LX) and you cannot compare SSD results using that board to newer boards. Your MOBO has an older generation SSD controller and will be slower than newer boards using the same SSD.

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First benchmark looks quite regular for SandForce driven drive in SATA 2 system. Except it is showing ADATA. Out of curiosity - would that be possible to flash Corsair SSD with other producer's firmware?


You may want to note the second AS SSD benchmark show the partition alignment is improper.

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