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Where does the power for the rad fans come from on the h100i?


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4 x Cougar Vortex CF-V12HP PWM fans

ASUS Maximus VI Hero motherboard


I am looking to run the H100i in a push/pull configuration. I do not plan on using Corsair Link and do plan on using FanXpert 2 that is part of the AI Suite that comes with the Hero.


The Hero only supports a max of 1A on the CPU_FAN connector.

The Vortex is rated at 0.31A according to the fan sticker.


Originally I had planned on connecting all 4 fans to the y splitters and then connecting them to the block. It looks like the pump has a sata power connector and a 3 pin fan header connector. Does the H100i power the fans from the 3 pin, the sata power connector, or both? Does the 3 pin connector need to be hooked up to control the pump speed?


Could I hook up the sata power and leave the 3 pin connector unhooked. Then plug 2 fans via the splitter into my CPU_FAN header and plug the other splitter into the CPU_OPT header?


EDIT: It looks like toasted mentioned in another thread that "Yes, The 3-pin connector coming out from the H100i is for the RPM readings. The pump will run at max. speed all the time." Which makes it sound like all the power for the pump and the connected fans comes from the sata power connection. Can anyone verify? This 3 pin connector also looks like it is recommended to be hooked up so it will throw a CPU_FAN error if the pump does fail.

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The 3pin header coming out of the pumpblock ist connected with just one cable. It is only meant to monitor the pumps rpm, nothing else. It gives the rpms pulse like any other fan with rpm connector would do. So the 12V and ground on this header are not connected.


All stuff regarding power is coming from the sata connector, going into the pump block, powering everything else (led, pump, link and the fans). The pumpspeed is fixed, no need and no way to modify it.

At the pumpblock you got also the connectors for usb (link), a link-hub-cable (for monitoring another link device, like a AX860i or something) and the 4 fan headers (with proprietary connectors on the pump side, other side is 4pin normal fan connectors).


I cant recall how much current you can draw off the fan headers each. The original corsair fans do 360mA. So you should be fine with 310mA.


EDIT: One thing i forgot. If you stick the fans inside the block you need to control them with the corsair link software, cause the pumpblock controls them, not the board.





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What speed does the block run the fans at if you never configure them with Corsair Link? Where do the profiles for Corsair Link get stored? Does the software need to be running for the fans to adjust speed? If not, my guess is I will setup a profile once with corsair link and then probably never run it again.
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