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cant fasten screws on h80i


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i bought the h80i few month ago.

and to make sure that it runs @ optimal performance i cleaned the radiator on both sides. there was some dust on it so imo it was a good call to clean it.

Now i want to install back the radiator with the fan on it very gently and 3 screws of the 4 just keep turning for some reason. (cant fasten them)

I know that when i installed it that i made sure that i didnt fasten to much bc i red online that it wanst healthy.


Can ne1 help me to tell what todo bc its going crazy around here ^^ im writing this with a old laptop that i havnt used for month.


Do i have to rma it or what and to tell you the truth i dont have alot off money to buy a new one

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It would appear that one of two things could have happened:


1. Three of the four threaded holes in the radiator are stripped or


2. Three of the four screws have defective threads near the end of the screw.


I know that you said you were very careful when installing the unit but things happen. Inspect the screws and inspect the threaded holes in the radiator for damage. With the radiator out of the case, try screwing in the screws without the fan in place to see if they catch. If they do, try reinstalling without the washers on the outside of the case under the heads of the screws. You could also try to obtain slightly longer screws to see if that helps.


Good luck!

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The radiators are aluminium and very soft, so the threads strip easily.


I really wish Corsair would have put steel nuts instead of threads.


Anyway, if you want a workaround, get some of that white plumber's tape and wrap it around the screw thread a few times, then screw it in and it should hold OK.

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