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7 days with no reply from RMA ticket.


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Its been 7 days now since I sent a ticket to you guys, however no reply and nothing to follow after i made an update on it to ask whats going on.




Getting a bit tired of this already as this is the 5th 750D with the same problem, front panel catch broken on the case so cant click fully into place.


I have now gouged the damn thing out of the case so the front panel can now close!


Pretty pathetic customer service yet again corsair, your products are swiftly getting knocked off my stock list! better build quality required for your premium prices!

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And just as an update for this, no reply on here which I expected as Corsair dont seem to give a s£%t about customer issues.


Tried to use the live support, sat connecting for 30 mins then the web page refreshes and tells me that live customer support is now closed! Do you lot ever do a job or are you busy picking peanuts out of poo?!

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