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I was somewhat unlucky with my corsair products when I build my PC some years ago.


I was building an all-corsair PC, and my products that worked fine included Corsair HX1000, 6GB dominator and 800D, and they still do, but my H50 watercooling and Force 120GB SSD is another story.


The H50 worked out of the box and reduced temps significantly, but after that, a high pitched sound began from it, so I unmounted it and send it back to the store. They tested it and said they had fixed, but after I recieved it back the high pitched sound is still there and it now also have some marks on the radiator :(:


Since I dont mind supporting corsair financially, I ordered a new H50, but it also had the high pitched sound, and this time right out of the box.


My Force 120GB was D.O.A and didn't work. What to do from here? I have invoices on all my Corsair products. Thanks.


P.S is there any new watercooling solutions from Corsair similar to H50? I havent been updating the market for some time.

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