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H100i - Not Automatic?


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OK, forgive me, I'm new. Just got the H100i going after the registry mod for Windows 8.1 Thanks for that. Now, my question:


It appears the fans must be set manually in the software. I was silly thinking it would sense the temperature and increase the fan/pump RPM to maintain a safe temperature. Am I correct, you have to set this all manually?


Seems like it defeats the purpose. If I am not correct, the MB can and does adjust the RPM of case/cpu fan(s).


Am I missing something? Thanks.

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familiarizing yourself is essential to have everything purr along.

you choose a 'trigger' to sense temps ,then tie a fan to that trigger in order to be temp controlled.i use the h100i temp as my trigger as this is best.

highlight a fan,look to the right and set h100i as the group,then set your temp/rpm point

do a stress test to check your curve

take a look at my 3 sig pis to get an idea on how to set your fan curve,if you have any questions,just post back...

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but to answer your original question -- you do not HAVE to set custom curves. I haven't set anything custom (because i'm waiting on an official fix for win8.1) and i've done a lot of stress testing. the fans automatically ramp up in response to increases in temps and quiet down for regular use.


having said that, you can probably optimize the noise/temp ratio to your liking as the default is probably not optimal, just safest.

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