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2100 Issues


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Hey guys I just got a brand new 2100 last week and just moments ago it stopped functioning properly.




As shown in the picture above both lights are both non-blinking and on.

The headset has been left charging for several hours so the charge light shouldn't be on nor should the blue light be non-blinking.

I cannot turn the headset off by pressing the power button.


I cannot hear any audio and the mic isn't picking up any voice on my PC as well.


I am going to wait for the headset battery to eventually die (without audio it should be a while) in the meantime if anyone has any suggestions they would be appreciated.


This is my 3rd RMA with the 2000 series headsets I seriously hope it won't come to a 4th especially when I just received this fresh RMA last week :(:

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Just let the battery discharge and recharge them and they should be good to go, its annoying having to wait the entire day so i know your pain


Looks like it de-charged much faster than expected. Plugged it in and the charge light is now blinking, but the power button still doesn't work. I'll wait till they are fully charged and see what happens then.

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Once its fully discharged - easiest thing is leave it overnight to drain), then its fully recharged (the green light will show when recharged), its fine. From that point on you can top it up any time you like - its just that initial charge that needs doing correctly.
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