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Cosmos II or 900D, went for 900D and...


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I LOVE it. Really, really thankful I went for the 900D because it is far superior to the Cosmos II in every way.


1. No Fan controller is included with the 900D, brilliant!. I hate fan controllers, I can control them with software, I don't need lame dials on my case to do that. Plus have you seen the amount of cables in the Cosmos II for the controller!? its a ridiculous amount most of them you would not use and you are forced to try and hide and tidy them up which would be darn hard to do well.


2. Grommet holes on the bottom edge of the mobo on 900D, such a simply thing but the Cosmos II doesn't have it them!!


3. No Firewire on 900D, finally that crap standard is dead.


4. Enough room at the top of the case for a push/pull configuration. The Cosmos II looks too squashed, sure it may fit but it will be tight.


5. I hate how the PSU sits out the back of the Cosmos II.


One complaint of the 900D it would be nice if they included a factory plate to hide the PSU cables.


That's it, anyway the Corsair 900D is the perfect case. I really can't fault it.

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