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i73 3930K + H80i at 65° idle


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I'm running an i7 3930K with the following setup



Geforce 770GTX

Antec modular 750W

Silencio 550 case


CPU is at 55° when idle, and 75° load, in 20° room.

With the case opened, otherwise it's 8° more...


Pump is 45° in Corsair Link.


I've checked :


- if the fans on the radiator are working and extracting air towards the rear of the case : ok

- if the pump is fixed properly on the MB (socket 2011 for 3930K) : ok


I'm considering a thermal paste problem...but it looked ok when i unboxed. Factory default was good, no scratches or anything.


Do you have any idea of what else could be wrong?


I've read many threads of people being worried about 45° idle...so mine being 65° when my case is closed... there is definitely a problem :D:



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