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SSD Force 3 Update FW problem


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Hi !


I am trying to update my Corsair Force 3 240 GB Sata 3 SSD 1.3.3 FW with the SSD Firmware Update tool but this thing dont see my SSD at all. Any idea about the problem plz ??


System and SSD work well:


Win 7 Ultimate 64 bits


Sabertooth X79

16 GIG Corsair Vengeance Gold

EVGA GeForce GTX 580


TRIM and AHCI enable



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this is just an information to the admins:

i've the same problem with Force 3 120GB FW 1.3.3.

my 2nd Force 3 120 GB FW 5.0.5 was updated to 5.0.7 without any issues


so...i want to say SSD toolbox wouldn't update from 1.3.3 to 5.0.7 on X79 chipset

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Yes, that is correct. The SSD toolbox does not support firmware updating from 1.3.X to 5.0.X


Please note that we currently do not support upgrading old 1.3.x FW to 5.0x FW on Sandforce based drives. Users of 1.3.x firmwares will still need to update to 5.xx firmwares using the Sandforce based FW update process found in the SSD Firmware Update section.


Unfortunately, you will need to update the SSD firmware on another computer as the manual tool (field updater) does not support X79 chipsets.

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