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Vengeance 2100 - Question Regarding Swivel Redesign


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Hello Corsair & Vengeance 2100 owners,

I have a question regarding the redesign of the swivel on the Vengeance 2100. In the previous model (the 2000) almost a quarter of the reviews on Newegg and Amazon reported the infamous 'swivel break' (And a number of users here after a quick forum search); I was also on the unfortunate receiving end of this despite my incredibly delicate handling of that headset. It was one of the first items I received on Newegg's Eggxpert Review program and despite my initial glowing review, I was forced to follow up several months later with, what I can only describe as, a poor design choice.

Don't get me wrong, I love your products and own PSU's, memory kits, and several SSD's from your company which made my follow up reviews to the Vengeance 2000 a little hard to write but most certainly needed.

On a related note, I'm happy you listened to customer feedback and addressed the issue with the 2100 model.

To that point, what exactly was done? If anyone here owns both the 2000 and the 2100, do you feel that the 2100's will hold up or will I have my technical heart broken again less then a year down the road? My 2000's are now held together with Duct Tape on both swivel points and if it weren't for the fact that they were a review item, I would have mailed them back a long time ago! I just don't want to actually spend money on the 2100's without knowing for certain that I won't be RMA'ing them for the same problem the 2000's had.

Thanks for your time.

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Oh, it definitely looks like they did. The other specs are almost identical but in the few pictures I saw, the area where the swivels cracked on the 2000 seems to be lengthened on the 2100 and I'm not 100% sure but the screws seem to be smaller and spaced apart more.

I'm curious if anything was done internally at that point to reinforce that area. This is where I'm hoping someone from Corsair can jump in and maybe give me a little confidence that I won't experience the same issue again!

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