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K95 with diffrent Cherry Switches


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Hey guys from Corsair,


I got myself some gear of yours. K95 M65 and MM200 XL. I love all of them (alot) but there is one thing I miss right now which would make it even better. I loved my blues I had before but since I just wanted to go with the black aluminium and the white backlighting I had to take the K95.


I would love to get a K95 with MX Green's in German Layout. Right now there are no MX Green's available for Germany because some ppl think that we wouldnt get the diffrence to MX blues... Sorry but that is not true at all we do have enthusiasts in Germany too and I really want that GREEENS!...


Since Corsair is a company which listens to its customers needs I ask you to be the company which brings MX Greens to Germany and make them availabe on the K95 and K70.


I dont know when the RBG lighting will come but why not combine this technology with a more spread field of MX Switches your users can pick from?


What do you guys think of that idea (customer and company).



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