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m65 tracking problem


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Hey guys,


So I've been having some problems with my M65, and I couldn't put my finger on exactly what - But I've found it.




I uploaded a quick clip of the performance, and YES I did get my lefts and rights mixed up about half way through, sorry.


The main thing is every direction but diagonally top left / bottom right works perfectly. The mouse seems to be juddering on a path of its own and its taking me almost twice the amount of arm movement than any of the other directions.


I've done driver, software and firmware updates, no results. Is this a known issue?

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I have a corsair vengeance m95 mouse and I have a very similar problem. In fact, it is the same problem, except it behaves poorly in ALL directions. Additionally, the minimum distance I can move my mouse pointer on screen is 4 pixels. On my high resolution screen small things aren't just hard to click on, they're now next to IMPOSSIBLE to click. Painting diagonal lines in paint either makes weird lines like in the video or it draws stairs, three or four pixels in horizontal then the same in vertical. Using the latest drivers, of course, tested with different DPI settings and with different report rate settings. Don't even ask about my system specs, I tried it on different computers on both windows and linux and it is the mouse's problem. Other mouses work just fine on the same computers. I am not very happy about this, it is a serious downgrade in quality compared to my last mouse.



EDIT: Toasty, no, it has nothing to do with lift heights, surfaces or any of that. So this isn't a known issue?

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I saw that thread. I don't think it has anything to do with lag, however I might try using that fix later on. If it was included in newer firmware updates I probably already have it installed to my mouse, though, so I doubt it's that.

It's a bit hard to notice this bug if you don't compare your mouse to one that doesn't work perfectly, for a few weeks i thought that the problems I had were because of not having a steady enough hand, but the paint test makes leaves no shadow of doubt, there is a minimum of distance the mouse is willing to move on the screen, no matter how slowly you move it.

That other thread is reassuring, I hope this bug also gets fixed as diligently as that one. Until then, however, I will feel nothing but deep, burning mindless rage, and an almost unsurpressable urge to use capital letters.

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