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H100i Pump Temps Higher Than CPU Core Temps


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H100, FQ 1.05


I'm wondering if this is normal or where my problems might be. I'm running an AMD FX-6300 at stock speeds.


If I'm to believe the sensors, I barely ever top out over 50 degrees at the core, and that's under a sustained 100% load. Perfectly happy with that but...


The H100i Pump (fluid?) temp, however, jumps higher much more quickly. Even the tiniest bit of CPU activity causes it to shoot towards 40 degrees (from an idle of around 29). This temp seems to rise at a rate of 2.5-5 degrees hotter than CPU core temps.


Sometimes at startup, i can get idle temps (speaking of pump temp) of 29 or 30 degrees, but even just having Chrome browser open to a blank search page can cause temps to quickly jump to 40 degrees.


I'm finding that one hose is warm to the touch and has a vibration to it while the other is cold and I'm uncertain whether i can detect the flow of liquid or not.


Any ideas what's going on with my unit?

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Last night, as a control, I swapped the H100i out for an H80 and saw dramatically better temps. I'm now convinced that water, for whatever reason, is not being circulated all the way through the H100i's system.


Pump shows a constant 2300 RPM, but... one hose gets really warm under Prime 95 while the other stays cold. The radiator is hot at one corner by the inlet, but the rest of it remains ice cold.


I see the pump temp climb past 60 degrees celcius and climbing under Prime 95. CPU core temp hovers between 49 and 50 though with the socket temp hitting 70 and climbing.


With the H80, core temps in Prime 95 never even break into the 40's. It doesn't give me pump temp, but socket temp stays around 40 degrees.


I don't know if it's the pump, or a blockage or something, but my H100i does not seem to be operating correctly.

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