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H80i Corsair Link2 Software Issue After System Wake From Sleep


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Hey folks,


I'm new around here but I've done a good bit of reading around this forum trying to get my H80i set up to my preferences.


I finally have everything set up with the fan controls on a custom curve, and set my LED to the colors I like, and everything seems to be working fine...




When I wake the computer from sleep - which is every day, mind you - everything goes out the window. The following occurs:


- Fan speed no longer shows up in Corsair Link 2 software (see screenshot)

- LED color setting goes out the window. Currently it's cycling through every color, though I have it set up/saved to do a pulsing red only

- Fans do not change speed based on processor temperature, as I set them up

- Fans still run, but do not change speed at all


Attached is a screenshot for a visual aid.




Now, all of this goes back to the saved/custom settings if I reboot the computer entirely...but I shouldn't need to do that any time I wake my computer; that's the whole point of sleep mode.


I have tried the official release of the Corsair Link2 software, and several RC's which I found on the forum. Currently, I am using 2.4.5110. For firmware I am on 1.07 (tried with default firmware, too). If needed, I put my hardware info in my profile.


If anyone has information on how to resolve this it would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.

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