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Failing VENGEANCE 32 GB kits


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Hi all, I'm French


3 months ago , I bought two 32 GB vengeance LP memory kits (4x8) to make a total of 64 GB on my heavy 3D rendering and workstation (see specs) on amazon.com and ldlc.com. One memory stick failed on first boot an two others some days after (two in the first kit, and one in the second kit). The five remaining are running fine since.


When I say failed, it means windows seeing only half of the memory on the concerned sticks, motherboard showing "memory problem" message near the slot in memory diagnostic, and windows slow to load. I tried XMP, standard bios settings. I swapped slots, and it seams related to these three memory sticks.


So RMA ?

as I need the healthy remaining sticks to work I cannot send the whole two kits back.

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