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Dominator Platinum Heatsinks necessary?


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Because of their high profile I'd be unable to use a second set of CMD32GX3M4A2400C10 RAM's as they'd get in the way of my CPU Cooler which clearly overlaps the RAM Slot closest to the CPU Socket on each side.


Thus my question:

Are the Heatsinks really necessary? Removing the Light Bar and the Fins should probably suffice to solve the problem.


I doubt the RAM Bars would benefit much from the airflow inside my Case thanks to the design of my CPU Cooler blocking most of the access to them.


On the other hand I'm not overclocking my system, especially not the RAM.

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Wytnyt makes good points. On the other hand, I have 64GB of Corsair memory from which I removed the heat spreaders with no (to date) ill effects. Memory temperature as monitored by several external probes held in contact with random memory chips has not changed much either. YMMV and it does void your warranty.
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