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Corsair Vengance 2000 problems.


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kinda dissapointed with the Corsair Vengance 2000 to be honest.


i purchased the Corsair Vengance 2000 about 2 months ago, and its been giving me constant problems, where first the mic did not want to work for the first day or so, then i had the power button and the charge button flashing (about twice now...) where i had to let the battery drain and then recharge... and now the part which connects the speakers and the part which rests on your head have now got a crack in it (due to the fact that its made of plastic which is weak, then having the inside of the part which turns able to push out, causing cracks to occur, or in my case, pop out of its socket).


now, im gentle with my headsets, but if it breaks that easily, it doesnt really seem to be reliable...


this has put me off of buying any more corsair headsets.

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along with those problems, when charging, you can hear an annoying buzzing constantly, where if im on Skype and my charge is low, i have to mute myself just to charge, otherwise everyone can hear it and would start complaining as well.


this is only while the mic is down, if the mic is up then no one, not even myself can hear it, but then i cant talk over Skype.

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