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K90 Dead LED Key - Any other options besides returning it?

Glor Narzig

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I bought my K90 less than 6 months ago for $130. Now the number 6 key has no LED any more. I contacted support and they said I can return it and they will send me out a replacement.


The issue I have with this is that posting it will cost me either $60 (sea mail which will take 3 months) or $90 via air mail.


At that cost, I would rather buy another keyboard and keep this one.


Is there anything else that can be done about this?


Thank you for any help you can provide.


PS - Other than the dead LED, I LOVE this keyboard. Best one I've ever used.

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So I've updated my ticket but they don't seem to be getting back to me. The F3 key LED died last night and now I come home to find the Page Up and Delete key have also died. At this rate there won't be any left in 6 months. Come on Corsair, this is ridiculous! How can I be expected to pay shipping for a faulty product when this kind of thing should have been tested in the first place!? I thought that all I've read about this issue on this keyboard was over-hyped internet drama but apparently not.


One key I could deal with, two pushing it but now it's reached 4 dead LEDs and who knows how many more will die.

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